​2020 Old Timers of the Year.

Who will they be?

​Special Thanks to our Caterers,

Barbara and Co.​




All father and son 

and father and son-in-laws

attending our 2020 event together

will be entered into a raffle to win a 

special prize.

So bring your fathers, sons, and son in laws

AND don't forget to mark it

on your ticket order form.

Each year the Santa Cruz Old Timers announce

Men's and Women's Old Timers of the year.  

People who have left their own distinctive mark on Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Old Timers is all about honoring Santa Cruz's past.  

For our 2020 event, we are celebrating Santa Cruz's musical history.

This year's theme "Feelin' Groovy" gives a nod to Santa Cruz's own "Harper's Bizarre,"

but music in Santa Cruz has been much, much more.

From Big Bands at the Coconut Grove to performances at the Civic Auditorium,

from seeing shows at the Catalyst to Moe's Alley,

that Santa Cruz Sound holds a special place in everyone's hearts.

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Dick Scoppettone's

Old Timer Radio Show Quiz

Listen in to Dick's radio show on KSCO on Sundays from 2 PM to 4 PM.  

Answer the quiz questions using the link below to win $250.

Must be present at our 2020 event

to win.

Santa Cruz Old Timers

​​81th Annual Luncheon at the CPDES Portuguese Hall 

February, 2022

See our "Special Thanks" page for a list of all of our AWESOME donors!

This year's event is


Hope to see you all

in 2022.

Old Timers On The Air

Hear follow old timers

share their memories 

on Santa Cruz's own KSCO.

Stay tuned to this page for information about upcoming radio shows and special thanks to KSCO's owner Michael Zwerling..

Old Timer's​

Women's Auxiliary​

Lady Old Timers are welcome

to join the women for their own event.  

Same day and time as the men,

downstairs at the Portuguese Hall.

Celebrate Local History

Our Luncheons feature fabulous displays

of local Santa Cruz history, brought in by

Old Timers to share with everyone.  

Above are some photos of past years displays.